We have many tent sizes and combinations.

Listed sizes are for seating only. Additional space is needed for buffet tables, dance floors, entertainment, etc.

We have smaller and larger tents and other tent combinations. Please call us for sizes and pricing.

Tent prices include basic set-up with stakes on grass. All tent reservations require a non-refundable deposit. Additional fees will be charged for tents on decks or any surface requiring weights, difficult set or long walks.

Tent sides are included with tent, but a fee is charged for Richard's Rentals to install sides.

And don't forget lighting! If you're having an evening party we have chandeliers and string lights!



Indoor Styles Shown (Shades May Vary)

Dance floors come in many combinations of sizes. Indoor floors are parquet or marbled (black & white) in 3 x 3 ft. sections. Outdoor floors are wood grain in 2 x 4 ft. sections.


Brown Molded Plastic Seat & Back (Bronze Metal Frame)1.40
White Molded Plastic Seat & Back (White Metal Frame)2.00
White with Padded Seat3.50


4' Long x 30" Wide (Seats 4-6)8.75
6' Long x 30" Wide (Seats 6-8)9.50
8' Long x 30" Wide (Seats 8-10)10.00


30" Round (Seats 3-4)8.50
36" Round (Seats 4-5)8.75
30" x 42" High Cocktail12.00
36" x 42" High Cocktail12.50
48" Round (Seats 6-8)9.50
60" Round (Seats 8-10)10.00
72" Round (Seats 10-12)12.50
Bridge Table 36" x 36"8.00
Conference Table 6' Long x 18" Wide11.50
Conference Table 8' Long x 18" Wide12.50
Children's Table 6' Long x 24" High12.00
Children's Bench 6' Long x 12" High6.00

All tables are wood tops and are not weatherproof. Please do not allow them to get wet as they will be destroyed. Do not staple/tack cloths to tables or a removal charge will apply.


NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Other sizes available, quoted upon request. Price do not include delivery. Rented with tent only unless under permanent cover - setup included with delivery.

12' x 12'295.00
12' x 15' (Indoor Only)370.00
12' x 16' (Outdoor Only)390.00
12' x 18'425.00
15' x 15' (Indoor Only)460.00
15' x 18' (Indoor Only)550.00
16' x 18' (Outdoor Only)590.00


4' x 8' Sections 12" or 16" Height65.00
Basic Stage Steps10.00
Stage Skirting 16' x 16" (Black or White)18.00


Please call early for estimates. We have different combinations of tents sizes available. If you are not sure of the size that will fit, we will be happy to measure the area for you at no obligation. (People seated at tables)

12' x 12' (10)225.00
14' x 14' (20)300.00
16' x 16' (32)325.00
16' x 24' (48)425.00
20' x 20' (40)375.00
20' x 30' (60)525.00
20' x 40' (2-20x20 Tents) (80)700.00
20' x 60' (3-20x20 Tents) (120)1000.00
30' x 30' (90)575.00
30' x 60' (2-30x30 Tents) (180)1125.00
30' x 90' (3-30x30 Tents) (270)1675.00
9' x 10' Marquee (10)175.00

ALL TENT RESERVATIONS REQUIRE A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Tent sides are provided upon request at no charge. Sidewall installation is available at $1.00/LF. Tent prices for standard setup staked in EASY ACCESS OPEN GRASS AREA. Additional charges for custom.

Tent Installation: Weights/Eyebolts, hard surfaces and decks, difficult access/long walking distance, raised or multiple levels, and other situations may apply. Winter set fees apply (Mid November - Mid March).


Price includes one tank of propane.

30,000 BTU90.00
80,000 BTU200.00
170,000 BTU275.00


Chandeliers (4 Globes)45.00
String Lights (6 Globes)45.00
Post Lights (1 Globe) Stand Alone45.00

DISCLAIMER: Prices subject to change without notice. All prices listed per item/per day unless otherwise noted. Prices effective 1/1/19.